Q- Do you sell directly to the general public?

A- No, we are strictly wholesale B2B, and require a state resellers permit and/or verification of your wholesale/ re-sellers status.

Q-  How long does it take to ship an order?

A-  On stock Products, 4-6 weeks turnaround.  On custom Designs, 8 weeks turnaround.

Q-  What kind of color options are available?

A-  We offer vast range of color &  graphics on pre designed products, You can always  contact us for custom design and More color options.


Q-  What is the minimum order quantity?

A-  1 cartoon


Q-  Can I order different products in small quantities  ?

A-  No, You have to maintain 12 Pcs Packing order


Q-  How much does an order cost?

A-  All new accounts must fill out our dealer application before we discuss pricing.


Q-  How do I submit an order ?

A-  Email your specifics of your order to pigeonbrush@gmail.com  We will follow up with pricing and production options.


Q-  What are your shipping policies?

A-  We can ship the full order to you,  or we can also ship partial orders direct to your different distributors world wide.


Q-  How do I pay for my order.

A-  Once, we have completed the order we’ll send you an invoice to be payed by Credit Card or Paypal/ Bank Transfer.  Once the order has been paid in full,  we will ship the order.